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Effective Evaluation For Environmental Assessment Processes Received Jan. 5, 2016

Submitted By: Onni Milne January 06, 2017
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To: Ms Johanne Gélinas, Chair
Review of Environmental Assessment Processes

Thank you for your holiday greetings. I appreciated hearing that you valued comments from all who came before you to present their concerns.

It was an honour to speak to the esteemed Review Panel.

I continue my discussion with the email below. This was a reply to my email concerning Federal Government approval for the PNW LNG project in BC. Again, we have disregard for First Nations real concerns - loss of their salmon fishery - with 190 worthless conditions so that corporate profit interests can proceed. This is what the current government offers me as "in the National Interest".

I offer links to relevant information on why this decision is bad and dangerous, continuing to promote distrust in government decisions as well as First Nations protests:

Panel Member Rod Northey asked why there seemed to be increased political actions against government decisions at this time. What else can citizens do when they see their concerns have not been addressed effectively with inadequate "consultations", "rigorous scientific reviews" or "190 legally binding conditions that must be met". We know it will take only one incident to bring down a house of cards built on corporate profits and destroy a complete ecosystem.

This is how my government conducts its business today:

This is why current decisions lead us in the wrong direction:

I again end with a plea to the Review Panel to ensure that we move forward with a different model for economic development and environmental assessments in your final report. Citizens are ready. Workers are ready.
The missing link is a Federal Government committed to promoting corporate interests over the interests of the environment and its citizens.

With Hope For Environmental Justice Now,

Ms Onni Milne

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