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Submission in regard to the 8 year history of FarmTech Energy's proposed ethanol refinery overlooking Oshawa Second Marsh Received Dec. 22, 2016

Submitted By: hugh peacock January 04, 2017

I have no idea what a Choice Book is for communication. Hence this email submission.

In short, I endorse the submission of the City of Oshawa adopted by Council Monday, December 19th;
I endorse the submission of Cdn Environmental Law Association:

As President and now Past President of Friends of Second Marsh, I have been engaged in the effort to stop a very impactful but unsuccessful project at the provincial level of environmental assessment ( see Chronology)  only to  watch it proceed all the way to a federal subsidy application. As the Panel will know, amendments in the so-called Budget of June, 2012 to S. 67 of the CEAA ended such screening. We do not know the reasons why FTE has abandoned its effort, but the decision has been confirmed by the Chair of the CPA Oshawa.
Had evidence of site preparation been observed, Friends’ Counsel, CELA, was prepared to apply to the Courts all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada.

The second attachment is out of sequence on account of Windows 10 Word difficulties, but it sketches the history and the recent and very welcome interest on the part of Whitby M.P. and Parliamentary Secretary  to the Prime Minister, Ms. Celina Caesar – Chavannes. The third attachment shows the western (watershed) boundary of Oshawa Second Marsh where the ethanol refinery would have been built!

I or other current officers of Friends will stand by to answer any questions. This history discloses  the grossest  of legislative abandonment of protections of the natural environment and facilitation of operations fraught with noise, odour, dust and the possibility of loss of containment of volatile organic compounds.

Thank you.

Hugh Peacock

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