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Kamloops Moms For Clean Air - Expenses for Involvement with EA Received Dec. 23, 2016

Submitted By: Gina Morris <> December 30, 2016
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Here I am at the final hour, submitting some financial information about involvement by Kamloops Moms For Clean Air in the local EA process.

I decided to use the "Choicebook" to submit comments that I did not include as a part of my presentation/presentation notes. This was completed and submitted earlier today.

It was asked of various organizations that they submit a picture of the kind of hours and monetary commitment that we have made as part of the EA process for the Ajax mining proposal.

It occurs to me that you may have already received some information from Paula Pick - chair of Kamloops Area Preservation Association (KAPA). I hope that this will shine further light on the kind of investment that Kamloops Moms For Clean Air (KMFCA) has made - both of our own funds as well as our time and by seeking out in-kind donations....

Since we began, in December of 2012, we have given thousands of volunteer hours to learning everything we can and engaging in every proponent led and BCEAO/CEAA led opportunity. Three Moms in our core group are professionals on a pay scale of $150.00/hour.

Our thousands of hours would have been comprised of:
• Our own research hours - including collecting medical journal information from Doctors in Kamloops, to develop (edit, rework and present) a 12 page report to the BCEAO/CEAA from Kamloops Moms For Clean Air regarding the Air Quality section of the mining application.
• Attending all presentations put on by the proponent and the BCEAO/CEAA, in every stage of the process (during the development of the AIR/EIS and in studying the 18,000 page application.
• Correspondence (with membership, media, public at large, First Nations, BCEAO/CEAA, experts, other community organizations) both previous to, during and following the 75 day public comment period
• Organizing and attending meetings
• Writing grant applications to hire an independent expert
• Corresponding with an independent expert
• Organizing and scheduling for a hired expert visit to Kamloops - flights, general transportation, meetings with media and informal/formal meetings other professionals in Kamloops - as well as First Nations, venue rentals....
• Transporting and managing the schedule while the expert was in Kamloops
• Cooking/baking to provide meals for this guest - all in-kind food and lodging preparation
Hundreds of hours were donated in-kind to caring for children while many of us attended meetings

The grant we applied for was received from WMAN/IEN - the value was $3000 U.S. dollars - (almost $4000 Canadian)

The grant paid for:
• Dr. Douw Steyn's professional hours, first to read, review, analyze and create a report for his professional impression of the Air Quality section of the Ajax mining application.
• He only charged us $100/hour, when his usual rate is $200/hour - the first leg of work cost $1600
• His flight to Kamloops (return) - just over $500
• An additional $1700 for his professional hours and time spent in Kamloops - meeting with the media and making a presentation at the university - to which First Nations of the region were invited (13 family representatives were in attendance).
• The venue for the meeting with the media (approximately $40)
The total spent out of the grant money was over $3800 - and we succeeded in helping First Nations become connected with Dr. Steyn, so much so that he was invited to come back to Kamloops to participate in the SSN panel hearings as their Air Quality expert.

A stipulation for receiving the grant was being able to show that we would contribute the same amount of money (through our own funds, in-kind donations and volunteer hours) to creating as thorough a study as possible of the Air Quality section of the mining application. The independent expert being paid and flown to Kamloops would only attribute to half of the total expenditures we needed to prove we were expending, in order to be eligible for the grant. That is, half of the costs would be covered by the grant money, and half would be covered by us (for a total of $6000).

We were able to show that we had contributed $3000 Canadian dollars worth of in-kind donations and volunteer hours to the effort - these were:
• All in-town transportation
• All food and lodging costs for two nights and three days
• An in-kind donation of the Thompson Rivers University Clock tower theatre room - seats close to 300 people - costs more than $250 to book
• 15 of our own professional hours (at $150/hour).
• Equaling approximately $3000 (Canadian)
Thank you again for all of your work,


Gina Morris

PS - Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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