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Submitted By: Tom Prior December 29, 2016
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Canada's Federal Environmental Assessment Review Public Submission Request Deadline Dec. 23/ 2016

Executive Summary:

The intention of responding to Canada's federal government's request for formal public submission regarding "Environmental Assessment Process" is to inspire the young engaging Federal Liberal party to reach beyond ubiquitous political platitudes and begin to take seriously the consequences for future generations the ramifications of ignoring the truth facing humanity.

My dissertation will not be flattering for Canada's political elite or the entrenched bureaucrats that manage our tax base and the public employees that run the federal and provincial Environmental Assessment Process (EAP) that is the subject the Federal Liberals requested public comment.

The truth hurts and truth will set you free. And the truth of Canada's Environmental Assessment Process is at best comical; at worst will deprave my granddaughter of health and happiness.

The EAP is designed to deceive. The EAP is designed to ignore cumulative environmental degradation. The EAP is designed to make share holders richer as they worship the stock market not God. The EAP is designed to create hopeless young citizens forcing them to abandon real faith and join those praying for dividends from degradation. The EAP is designed to bring serious civil unrest with Canada's Indians as well as with Quebec and the west coast of Canada.

The federal and provincial jurisdiction of Canada's environmental laws
(process) have been designed to "pass the buck". In reality the federal and provincial government can play a shell game with the growing number of angry Indians and concerned citizens of every stripe. Claiming and blaming ignorance or taking credit depending on the optics of the project under review. This became very apparent to BC's Treaty 8 First Nation Indians when our young PM shamelessly sanctioned more flooding on the Peace river (Site stupid or C) days after he was lip sinking at Tragically Hip concert about his genuine concern for first nation rights. How dull does this young man think Canadians are? When people of governance think they can fool everyone all the time; they play with fire.

Author: Tom Prior, Flatbow Lake (Kootenay) Nelson BC ...Saxon/Anglo/Quebecois/Metis historian/poet/, businessman, amateur documentary film producer. See on youtube " Howser in Peril" 8 minute film presented at Vancouver and Toronto film festivals.

This short film successfully helped inspire many in BC southern Interior to peacefully stand up and act against BC's Liberal Gordon Campbell, BC Hydro and federal/provincial Environmental Assessment employees that sanctioned the destruction of Howser and Glacier Creek (north of Kaslo BC)with Independent Power Production (IPP)large dams on mid size BC creeks in very important Mountain Caribou and Grizzly habitat; to produce fake green power by major Montreal corporation. To date no dams on Howser/Glacier.

What was particularly disturbing about our peaceful civil campaign that so far has stopped this fake green power project, were threats to my life. One of the early share holder of the damming corporation is a felon. A convicted cocaine dealer. There was a sense in our local community that there could be money laundering involved with this project.

Our peaceful assembly on Glacier Creek that in my mind prevented some real serious Montreal Mafia construction type crooks from damming/controlling 5 or 6 large very wild creek drainage in south central BC. The southern most viable breeding populations of Grizzly and the nearly extirpated Mtn. Caribou cannot survive the lose of this habitat. Federal/provincial EAP bureaucrats and their political and corporate task masters are bent on extinction for vulnerable wide ranging species in this last viable primitive wilderness near US/ Canadian border. Which could in near future create incredible wealth as tourist destination. Alas Canada is not managed by people of any modern wisdom.

After months of peaceful assembly on Glacier Creek we finally received a court injunction, procured by the coke dealer and his father. BC Hydro backed this felon with a massively redacted contract between BC Hydro and Montreal boys that our lawyer demanded during the injunction hearings. It is still unclear to me whether a few courageous wilderness advocates will be held liable for the potential profits this Montreal corporation dreamed up.

Our peaceful assembly was widely reported and we where contacted by a 2nd world war veteran from Christina Lake just east of Grand Forks.
This gentleman had been fighting for at least ten years a proposal to dam Cascade Falls on the Kettle River by California corporation. He drove over several times to see our peaceful assembly and was inspired to do the same and simply step up to the plate and said "Ya Basta" .
For ten years he had diligently pro-sued all the various EAP appeal process and such to the point of mental exhaustion. He was delighted at our simple peaceful efforts and he as well has to date stopped EAP destruction.

"Oaxaca Libre" 24 minutes, on youtube... filmed in 1999 and 2006 regarding southern Mexico's Indigenous (Zapatista) struggle against NAFTA and the global trade tyranny supported by the Canadian federal liberals.

Very dangerous film to make. Mexican paramilitary hit men are funded by wealthy Mexicans and international corporations including Canadian.
I was lucky to get out alive. Twenty four peaceful striking school teachers and supporters murdered Oaxaca city (2006). 1997 Acteal Chiapas , 50 women,children and old men hiding in a church murdered by local paramilitary using local sheriff vehicles, 2014 north west of Mexico city 45 students peacefully demonstrating at the speech by the wife of local mayor are carted off by police and burned alive. Mexican government did not co-operate with international panel, they left a few month ago very critical of the federal government of Mexico
Canada's continued silence is our sanction of Mexico's continued Indian and Mexican peasant genocide(Plato). No one has ever been prosecuted for these murders. Federal Canadian conservatives/liberals/ndp mute. Silenced by expensive corporate dinners when Canada's political elite sell their silence. The blind eye prevails.

In 1999 I was in Mexico doing business when I was inspired to join the Mayan (Zapatista) and other Indians of Chiapas on the "Caravan of Peace". V. Fox the new president at the time had made arrangement with the Zapatista rebels to lay down their arms and have safe passage to caravan from southern Mexico and address the Mexican congress on the "San Andreas" peace accord that his predecessor had made and ignored with the bravest/poorest Indians of north america.

There rebellion for cultural survival starts 1994 Jan.1 hours after Salinas signed NAFTA with Clinton and Chretian. Salinas was enjoying a new years celebration, hailed by Mexican and international bankers has Mexico's economic savour. His new years party came to halt with the ring of a presidential phone. His aid asked him to take a call from the mayor of " San Cristolbol de Las Casa". At first Salinas refused to speak to the mayor, finally he took the call and was shocked to be informed that several hundred armed Indian women and men had taken control of that city along with several other areas in Chiapas.

"Ya Basta" reverberated across the recent functioning of internet right to the cozy leather comforts of the world bank. NAFTA the first, the largest global corruption of trade in the history of humanity was informed by the poorest Indians in the known universe to take a hike.
They and many young and old Mexican (Marcos) and international supporters had been studying the fine print of NAFTA and realised that the Indigenous land reforms (ejidos) that the vicious Mexican Indigenous peasant civil war of early twentieth had more less been enshrined in their fancy constitution was now totally gone; International corporations could now patient or steal everything.
Thousands of miles of precious beach front that had belonged within the protection of their Indian "Ejidos" was now exposed to vulgarities of international and national Mafia interest.

The liberal party of Canada has requested submissions from the Canadian public: In order for the federal governments Environmental Assessment process to regain the public trust, help get resources to market and introduce new fair Environmental Assessment process.

Some of the questions the federal liberals should ask: when did EAP have the public trust? Why is Jim Carr the Federal Minister of Resources priming the Canadian military for environmental civil unrest in BC and Quebec? The recent public apology from this gun hoe minister regarding his public statement: that he was preparing the good men and women of our courageous military to wreck havoc on first nation rights and BC/Quebec Canadians that oppose the prime minister's kinder morgan dirty oil pipeline to help communist china increase their totalitarian state run grip of international resources.

My expertise/experience with the EAP provincial and federal process began in 1985/86 when a small group of concerned citizens in the north end of Flatbow (indigenous name) of Kootenay Lake peacefully prevented BC's Ministry of Forestry with federal and provincial EAP approval from a US/Canadian military experimental aerial spraying of "agent orange or 2-4-D" as a broad leave suppressant (conifer release) on a large clear-cut above the Meadow Creek kokanee spawning channel in the domestic watershed of Meadow Creek north of Kaslo at the north end of Flatbow lake.

M.o.F and EA bureaucrats planned to aerial spray thousands of hectors of overtly greedy logging practises(1950's...1970's) that had created a huge back log of vast clear-cuts filled with thimbleberries, fireweed, alder, and other plant life that is nature's natural response to help repair the damage from (bad thoughtless logging) exposing these sensitive eco-systems to direct sunlight. Untold tons of carbon are released from the old growth soils when exposed to the direct sunlight.

The temperate old growth rain forest soils of BC and our boreal forest sequester up to 10 or 15 times more carbon per hector than an equatorial rain forest soils.

We where very concerned about the potential harmful irreversible health affects this U.S. military defoliant would have on future generations of humans and local flora and fauna. There was plenty of information from USA / Vietnam war spraying regarding ill effects sustained by aerial spraying of 2-4-D or "agent orange" which are essentially the same poison.

As we researched and educated ourselves during the EAP"appeal process"
in 1984 regarding this unbelievable disregard for the public well
being: first by BC's Social Credit party and the continued push for this pernicious chemical aerial spraying by our american socialist MLA (draft dodger) that won his provincial seat in 1986. He pushed hard with forestry and EA bureaucrats to inundate BC crown land clear-cuts with cheap US war chemicals. Interestingly in July 1986 after we had exhausted the quasi EA appeal process; half dozen kids, 4 adults peacefully surrounded the rented spray helicopter; when a large very angry pilot in a strong Texas accent screamed..."if it was not for you hippies, we would have won the Vietnam war."

Our peaceful determination paid off, as our efforts had delayed the needed aerial water/dye test spray, to make sure there was no mountain down draft toward the inhabitants of Meadow Creek. This is a very very deadly compound that should never have been considered for use in domestic watershed. We had distributed literature from US sources explaining why they had stopped using this deadly chemical as "brushing tool" in US. Still our american socialist MLA was for aerial spraying all of BC's over grown clear-cuts with war poisons. Not sure why??

The . .Texan pilot in a fit of anger finally took off with children touching his machine. I was down off the mountain in time to phone Ministry of Transportation to ask if angry american pilots should take off if there were children protesting beside his war machine. There was dead silence for a few seconds. I explained to the Transport Ministry official exactly what had happened. And that there would be story and photo in the "Nelson Daily"(July 1986). Next day in Vancouver Sun or Province, the US pilot working for Okanagan Helicopter was grounded.

We camped on this clear-cut for nearly a month, waiting for our government to procure a court injunction to have the RCMP drag us away. They never did try to convince a BC judge to injunction our right to protect ourselves from these well paid scary men and women working for our various levels of provincial and federal governments.

To my knowledge 2-4-D has never been used to release conifers on BC crown land clear-cuts. In spite of the well educated efforts of the Environmental Assessment folk.

In the end our efforts were widely reported, I was consequently contacted by Carrier First Nation leader to help organise their efforts to stop other "broad leave chemical suppressants" from being sprayed on important moose habitat that is a vital food source for the Carrier.

Our conservative MP at the time Bob Brisco finally took an interest in our active peaceful efforts to protect ourselves from our government's efforts to poison this remote area in BC's southern interior. From what I remember after our peaceful acting was widely reported Mr Brisco did some research of his own and discovered the impetus for this military chemical experiment was the Forestry University in Sue Saint Marie Ontario working with US and possibly Canadian military that had experimented in Cagetown Newbrunswick or Nova Scotia testing first the deadly chemical defoliant "agent purple" then "agent orange"
for use in the Vietnam War. There is plenty of info about the consequences for the Canadians employed to clean up our war machine game.

Few individuals have engaged the federal or BC provincial EA process.
In a nut shell the ,"market" rules. We worship the "stock market" as a religion. The environment plays second fiddle, better said the environment probably has no "fiddle".

The long reign of Canada's liberal party, Trudeau, Martin and Chretian set the pace to potentially destroy healthy human existence on our planet. They were/are high priest to the "bull/bear market". They could have established real "Species at Risk Legislation" , they did not. They could have created laws to protect important water and air sheds to protect drinking water and our breath. They instead allow corporation such as Nestles to extract our common water to sell back to us in bottles; while Canadian mining and timber companies pollute water/air shed in Canada and many developing nations, such as El Salvador that just recently passed laws to stop a Canadian corporation from continuing to degrade the last unpolluted river source of water in that country. Canada is at the fore front of planetary environmental degradation. There will be no hiding this from future generations.

History will speak volumes about Canada's greed or blatant ignorance at the first international climate crisis conference in Kyoto Japan.
Canadian conservative negotiators bullied other developed countries to remove deforestation as an aspect of the climate crisis conference.
Deforestation is the single largest source of man made carbon.

They also knew iconic species such as Caribou,Grizzly, Wolverine and many other beast would face extinction if there was no comprehensive federal law to preserve wilderness forest habitat. It seems they wanted industrial resource corporations to degrade important habitat; particularly if it is a food source for first nations that still live "off the land".

Our government cannot or should not claim ignorance regarding environmental degradation, it is not a new human attribute.
Historically most human social networks degrade the good earth. The primary responsibility of a modern developed democratic government is to mitigate the powerful industrial consumer economic paradigm that has been forced on supposed third world nations by the world bank and the supposed first world nations.

Our hunger for new markets and cheap labour cannot be sustained. We, the western democracies have locked the world or perhaps the universe into a Gross National Production (GNP) race that is getting boring and dangerous. The west has exploited Africa and South America gleefully.
We now face unprecedented back lash from starving exploited Africans and folks south of United states.

Rome did not change over night but it did burn pretty quick. The young Liberal party needs to see beyond their gold plated pension plan. They are at the fore front of a near impossible but necessary shift away from human funded planetary degradation. Call it climate change, call it pollution there is too much scientific evidence for half measures and flashy green washing.

Here in the West and East Kootenay or Flatbow we have been defying the rubber EAP stamp of approval on the Jumbo/Dumbo mega condo ski resort just east of the large Panarama ski in the Jumbo Creek valley near Inveremere BC for better than twenty years.

Four or five BC governments starting with socialist Mike Harcourt have been determined to extirpate the Selkirk Grizzly, Wolverine, Mtn.
Caribou and other species in this important valley next to the "Purcell Wilderness Conservancy" (PWC).

The Jumbo resort proponent an Italian businessman and a local real-estate agent have wrapped too many governments around thier fingers.Today the tax payers of BC are paying wages for a mayor and council of a town that has no people. Christy Clark's liberal government created a very strange form of democracy with the appointment not election of a town council for dumbo/jumbo town.

This ridiculous EAP approved fake town is now in the supreme court of Canada facing a challenge from the Ktunaxa First Nation that claim this valley is scared to the spiritual and physical well being of thier spirit totem the Grizzly.

Canadian federal and provincial environmental laws are a joke. Only the 20 plus year efforts of several dozen Kootenay citizens has prevented this sell out of first nations territory and prevented the destruction of wilderness integrity on the border of the PWC from basically pushing a viable breeding of grizzly north of the trans Canada highway.

When will get a break from the vulgarities of government/corporate greed that dine together at expensive meet and greet political meal to feast on the wealthy passive Canadian attitude.

Canada has been and continues to be a country of vast natural resources. We have governed ourselves from before confederation to exploit beaver, bison, minerals, timber and vast hydro dam projects.
Since World War One/Two Canada has established itself has one of the most powerful nation on Earth.

Eurasian pilgrims quickly dominated the red folk of eastern Canada and pushed west in a race against the United States of America's "Manifest Destiny". After the British defeated France for dominance to govern Canada, they quickly realised that the U.S.A. sooner or later would invade the British colony of Canada.

In 1767 or so the British parliament introduced the "Quebec Act" that gave the French nationals and the 80,000 or so Metis most or all of the demands they wanted in order to join the British empire and not resume fighting after the French defeat on the Plains of Abraham. The "Quebec Act" gave lower Canada (Quebec) their right to continue their Catholic religion, separate French schools and other important concessions.

Britain also established important First Nations allies, such as the Shawnee Chief Tacomsa to fight the now aggressive new nation of USA.
Canada would not be; if it was not for the British General Brock and courageous First Nations/Metis individuals and the British political acumen to form military alliances, with former enemies. The hundred year war between England and France would fade away in face of USA sabre rattling.

Since the early 1980's myself and half dozen friends have help protect important BC southern interior Red Cedar/Hemlock ancient or old growth wilderness habitat in the Duncan, Lardeau, Slocan ,Columbia and Incomappleau River.

There is a small very very important amount of BC interior intact old growth and ancient rainforest facing the axe, in the Lardeau and Duncan Valley north of Kaslo. BC Ministry of Forest has approved logging for some 400,000 truck loads over the next ten years; Mtn Caribou and Grizzly will for sure be extirpated from north Selkirks with this logging gift to greed.

There is absolutely no value added jobs. Not one mill. All logs go past several abandon mills in Cooper Creek, Meadow Creek and Kaslo.
Neither our socialist MP or MLA say a word. What happened to all the talk about value added jobs. We are passive to weak political leadership. These socialist are nice but with little substance.

Please help stop Grizzly/ Mtn Caribou extinction in the north Selkirks. We could at least have 10 times more jobs with half the logging if there was honest laws protecting our common good.

Boreal Silence

don't try lie'n to the wind
you can never win
when you fool with sin

first world children are schooled
to worship the market place
we can show some truth with bright starlight and laughter that carries the dust of love to your chosen (sacred) place YOU WILL SPEAK JUST YOU WILL HEAR TRUTH don't try lie'n to the wind TIME will bend for LOVE LOVE will beg for TIME

the warm fear of God is holy tonight
rain caresses silent shadows with fear (tears) (a soldier steals a breath, battle wakes God perhaps) so few care it seems to be pure, awake ready to shake with clarity (magic) casting vibrant air across waters of love

you are a constellation
stretching light for peace
the door to find
opens with prayer
say the morning bird

wake the sun
hold the day
she is on her way
crossing the river of peace
pouring blue light
chasing might from a dream
wake the sun hold the day

hello wind
how long has it been
for the precious hours of light
that are crashing before the fight can begin why are the depths of usury showing no remorse who let the cowards win

a sword fell from the sky
shiny red green and yellow
across the lake of trouble
a forest waits the buncher feller's saw
children watch water and bird song abandon by criminal bankers laughing with Victoria Secret as she slips her panties over the pie she smiles no one knows why

the Canada Jay (Whisky Jack) wings
across the treeless Boreal
catalogued for extinction
by the minted coins of degradation

Ancient Cedar LIght

webs of light float from wet green flowered earth wild ancient cedar shadow the horizon shaping silence so profound the bitch of progress rips at her yoke to bring down the quiet place for the bankers daughter waits for extinction to dance on the grave of silence..

Ok well it would be nice to know my submission is acceptable? Thanks for opportunity to express my opinion on the future of our wonderful country. Tom Prior

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