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Environmental Protection and Assesment Received Dec. 20, 2016

Submitted By: Elizabeth Kaller December 29, 2016
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Regarding environmental protection and assessment-

If the state of the environment now, the state in which it used to be, and the direction in which it is going were established, and if a sustainable and resilient future were envisioned and long-term plans and interim targets to achieve it were laid out and committed to and regularly monitored and evaluated, environmental policy could be established, and changes happening or proposed could be reviewed in context and with regard to overall and cumulative effects rather than on ad hoc bases.

Urgent action to stabilize and reduce GHG emissions would be central to plans and proposals.

Consideration of jobs and trade and profit, which detour environmental thought and action, would be avoided.

Proposals to be assessed would arrive with research on cumulative effects and alternatives, and be subject to robust scrutiny, by experts and the public.

Proposals for the development and transport of fossil fuels, and proposals lacking free and informed indigenous consent--proposals which could not be approved--would not be received.

Assessment panel members would be independent, expert, and conflict-free.

Panel decisions could be revisited over time to improve decision-making performance.

The environmental assessment agency could go beyond examining new proposals and could examine the effect of practices in use.

Elizabeth Kaller

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