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Review of Environmental Assessment Processes Submission from ML1935, ML125, FMFN, ML63 and ML193 Received Dec. 17, 2016

Submitted By: Lisa Schaldemose December 28, 2016

Dear Ms. Gélinas and Expert Panel Members,
Please find attached our submission (made up of a cover letter, written submission and schedules of recommendations as well as our presentation to you on November 24th) based on our review of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act both pre and post 2012. Included in our submission is also a response to your 3 requests pertaining to: the effects of SAGD projects, our vision for a federally conducted regional strategic environmental assessment, and our experience with the provincial regulatory process in addressing regional and cumulative effects (and impacts to our rights and interests). As well, our submission concludes with the Communities' recommendations to improve the federal environmental assessment process through the incorporation of the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of the Indigenous Peoples.
We thank the Panel for this opportunity to participate in the review of an important piece of legislation to our communities and we thank the Panel for its careful consideration of our Brief. We are hopeful that our input will positively influence the results of your review.

Lisa Schaldemose
On Behalf of:
Fort McMurray Metis Local 1935
Fort Chipewyan Metis Local 125
Fort McKay First Nation
Fort McKay Metis Local 63
Conklin Metis Local 193

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