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Fixing Canada's Environmental Assessment Process Received Dec. 03, 2016

Submitted By: Bradley Fulton December 28, 2016
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We need an environmental process that is open, scientific, and thorough, recognizing that everyone deserves clean air and water. And the cumulative effects on the environment must be examined too -- in particular, the effect on climate change. If possible, it would be useful to examine the overall effect of new projects. If a project is exporting tar sands oil for new power plants, that's a lot of additional carbon into the atmosphere. And if it's being exported in tankers, the risk of a spill would be a huge negative for the project. If a pipeline is transporting LNG for export to replace coal power plants, the overall effect could reduce carbon. If a pipeline is used to replace rail and tankers, the reduction of risk of accidents or spills might justify it.

Brad Fulton

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