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Workshop on Dec. 6, 2016 Received Dec. 02, 2016

Submitted By: Ruth Campbell December 28, 2016
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Dear Panel,
I have spent weeks in preparation for this workshop. Two days ago, however, the Liberal government approved the Kinder Morgan pipeline, despite the wishes of native peoples and the absence of scientific support. As you know, this latest approval follows the granting of federal permission not only for the Site-C dam, but also for an LNG facility to be built on top of critical salmon habitat.
The Liberals are clearly not acting in good faith, so I reluctantly conclude that any suggestions on improving the Environmental Assessment Act will be wasted. Although the panel members may be sincere, your employers are not. The government cares nothing about preventing climate change, protecting ecosystems and endangered animals, or implementing fair procedures; their claims of doing so are transparent lies.
I am withdrawing from the workshop. Please give my place to another.
Ruth Campbell LLB

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