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Supplementary comments on EA Review Received Nov. 29, 2016

Submitted By: Ziggy Kleinau December 28, 2016
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Dear Chair, dear Members of the EA Review Panel,

Thank you for accepting some supplementary comments to those sent earlier in the public comment period:
The accessibility for contributing comments in Environmental Assessments by Canadian citizens had been severely restricted by the Harper government by difficult and confusing application and registration rules.
For the sake of our new government's pledge of a new way of open and transparent governing of our country these restrictions and barriers must be removed.
Public participation and input is the heart of respecting meaningful decision making.
The rules should be simplified to at least of what they were before CEA 2012.

Also I strongly recommend to give more encouragement to Indigenous and First Nations representatives to participate in any EA, as their valuable indigenous knowledge is often not heard.

And as a final, concluding comment I need to reiterate the overreaching wisdom for decision makers:
In this day and age of Climate Change, scientific knowledge is not good enough to rely on - if there is any doubt of environmental impacts, safety, sustainability and, not least, NEED of a project, do not shy away from withholding approval (Application of the Precautionary Principle).
Thank you again for accepting these supplementary comments as contribution for your important and most valuable Environmental Assessment Review.
Respectfully submitted by
Siegfried (Ziggy) Kleinau

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