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Registration for EA process review - Thunder Bay Panel Received Nov. 8, 2016

Submitted By: Shannon Dodd-Smith December 28, 2016
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Hi there:

I was not able to attend the Open House on November 1 in Thunder Bay. I worked with the CEAA for several years; and my main concern is the erosion of the (already) patchwork environmental protection legislation to enforce the outcome of any EA process. The EA process fails if the outcome cannot be implemented. Specifically, the changes to the Navigable Waters Act and Fisheries Act made under an Omnibus (budget bill) by the previous government need to be reversed as soon as possible. The TPP and CETA need to be improved to allow Canada and other signatories to protect their rights to a clean and healthy environment without being sued by multi-nationals. No process -- EA or otherwise -- can possibly have any impact without these broader improvements.

These are my speaking points to the panel.

Thank you.

Shannon Dodd-Smith

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