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Requirements of an EA

Submitted By: Dave Shannon December 23, 2016
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1. Any review panel must be well qualified, independent of and not have a vested interest in the proposal which is the subject of the assessment
2. There should be at least one climate scientist involved in any assessment
3. There must be an examination of both upstream and downstream effects in any environmental assessment
4. Cumulative effects of the proposed project must be considered in conjunction with existing projects and other proposals - not just an evaluation of each project on an ad hoc basis
5. If a project has a calculated greenhouse gas reduction associated with it, a proviso should be included that if project is approved, it comes with a guarantee that the more heavily polluting projects it is meant to displace are shuttered
6. Because a proponent usually gets the ‘science’ it pays for, consider the peer-reviewed credentials of the proponent’s scientific consultants and weigh these against the credentials of scientific submissions of those opposed to the project
7. Because a region’s indigenous inhabitants have been natural custodians for many thousands of years, give Aboriginal traditional knowledge (ATK) an equal footing with western science
8. Examine the fallacy of the proponent’s input-output economic models that make wild pie-in-the–sky (and false) projections about future economic benefits and local job creation
9. Employment and construction must have a strong Canadian component
10. If a project is approved, ensure that an industry funded trust is set up to dismantle the infrastructure at the end its lifetime
11. Because climate change affects us all, all citizens must qualify as intervenors, not just those directly on the pathway of the proposal

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