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Submission to the Expert Panel Review of Environmental Assessment Processes Luanne Roth and Prince Rupert Environmental Society

Submitted By: Luanne Roth December 23, 2016

We have been involved with several environmental assessments in the Prince Rupert area; recently the Prince Rupert Environmental Society with T. Buck Suzuki Environmental Foundation and the United Fishermen and Allied Fishermen’s Union – UNIFOR coordinated comments and secured experts for comments on projects.
We would like to point out aspects of the current Canadian Environmental Assessment process which weaken trust in it, as well as some aspects which strengthen it.

Perceived problems are:
• lack of early public consultation about siting and general direction/goals of regional industrial development ,
• bias in scientific reports during the assessment,
• conflict of interest between the Port Authority’s mandate and role in CEA,
• lack of real and viable alternatives being offered, and
• a flawed decision making process once the science is in.

We were appreciative of:
• funds for local stakeholders to participate in the CEA process
• CEAA staff being helpful sharing scientific and process information

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