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CPAWS Wildlands League - Submission to the Federal Environmental Assessment Review Panel, December 2016

Submitted By: Trevor Hesselink December 23, 2016

This submission is a follow-up to the workshop participation and presentation made to the Panel on, November 9th and10th respectively, 2016. With that presentation, Trevor Hesselink (Director, Policy and Research) introduced an ongoing case study that Wildlands League had been tracking since its original federal Environmental Assessment (EA), over 15 years ago. The case is that of the Victor diamond mine in northern Ontario. To us, this mine serves as a policy laboratory - showcasing what is working, and what isn’t in terms of environmental oversight and transparency of such industrial development in this key ecosystem, for all levels of government.

For the case study of the Victor diamond mine, CPAWS Wildlands League conducted a review of the eight annual reports of the follow up program covering the time period 2007-2014. This review was conducted after CPAWS Wildlands League raised concerns from a previous investigation of the provincial permit reporting mechanisms. A common thematic thread between the two reviews are the potential environmental consequences of mining in the Hudson Bay Lowland with respect to methylmercury contamination, and the importance of monitoring, reporting, and acting on agreed-upon feedback mechanisms.

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