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Labrador comment Received Oct. 25, 2016

Submitted By: Susan Felsberg December 23, 2016
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I become increasingly concerned with this Fed ER Process.

1. The assorted websites are confusing, constantly changing, unavailable,very hard to pinpoint the detailed info.
2. I have just corresponded with a local Ph.D professor who would have wished to present an earful to the
Goose Bay visit of the Panel, if he had known about the event. It was embarassingly thin in
attendance. He is a university archeologist, transferred out of an EA career to academe, because he was
so frustrated with the EA world in toto, and had to maintain his sanity. But he knew/heard
NOTHING of this Review and missed the event. I've given him all info, and he plans to submit something
solid before December deadline.
Simplistic, facetious question: does Ottawa realise how huge this country is, re time, money, logistics and
communications? I am bewildered by the ineptitude..Yes, the public must make the effort, but it does require
contact, communication, consideration and respect. Susan Felsberg. Goose Bay, Labrador.

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