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Imperative Moral Implications of Any Assessment

Submitted By: susan felsberg December 22, 2016
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During the closing session of the Environmental Assessment for the Lower Churchill Hydro Project held in Central Labrador in 2011, I made the following contribution, which I still believe to be paramount in the consideration of any project, particularly those of a resource extraction nature in Canada's north. I can do no better than repeat a part of that submisttion, unadulterated, to the Expert Panel now:
"Labrador must gain substantially from this so-called 'develoment': not with srhort-term jobs, not
with extra training which ultimately takes people to success elsewhere, not with perpetually restrictive
remote diesel plants, but with all-inclusive opportunities for our part of the Province. In this day and age to perform otherwise is virtually immoral - a strong word , but one I use advisedly. It is immoral, in 2011, to be taking, taking, taking, largely for southern benefit, and without local return"
To the Review Panel - please consider the moral
implications of instrusion, destruction and regional export of our raw materials to the vast detriment of
the original project location.
Thank you for your consideration of this huge
destructive moral factor of environmental abuse.

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