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Comments on Environmental Assessment

Submitted By: Dr. Adrienne Peacock December 19, 2016

Executive Summary

1. For any process of data collection to be credible, interested interveners should be involved in setting the terms of reference for data collection and the appropriate regulatory agency should hire the consultants (not the proponent(s)) using a fund provided by the proponent(s).
2. There should be a fund available to enable effective public interest intervention.
3. Where the project impacts are contentious, social licence can only be sought through a responsive public hearing.
4. Interveners should have input to public hearing panel selection.
5. All expert witnesses providing information to the panel must be available for cross examination by all parties, including the public interest interveners, and these witnesses must be under oath.
6. The resulting report must be made public and government must make clear that their reasons for accepting or rejecting a project are transparently evidence-based.

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