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Recommendations to strengthen scientific rigour in environmental decision-making from researchers

Présenté par: Aerin Jacob December 24, 2016

Researchers have repeatedly expressed concern that current Canadian environmental assessments and regulatory decision-making processes lack scientific rigour, with significant consequences for the health and environment of all Canadians.

In the attached open letter (versions in both English and French), signed by more than 1800 early-career researchers, we suggest five actions to help rebuild public trust in robust, open, and fair decision-making.

1) Seek and act on the best available evidence;
2) Make all information from environmental assessments permanently and publicly available;
3) Assess cumulative environmental effects from past, present, and future projects and activities across multiple scales;
4) Work to prevent and eliminate real, apparent, or potential conflicts-of-interest by requiring public disclosure; and,
5) Develop explicit decision-making criteria and provide full, transparent rationale of factors considered.

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